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New Jersey Real Estate Broker Course Options

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75 Hour Online Salesperson Course
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School Final Exam

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Are you ready to become a
Real Estate Broker?

Work Experience

Must have worked under the direction and guidance of a currently licensed Employing Broker, on a full-time basis, for at least the last 3 full years 

Education Requirement

Complete 90 hours of Broker's pre-licensure courses and two 30-hour courses on office management and ethics/agency at a licensed New Jersey Real Estate School

More Details On Getting Your License Are At The Bottom Of This Page

Be Your Own Boss

Take control of your future and be able to make the decisions that work best for you and your business. You are the CEO of your business.

The Sky is the Limit

You can build your business as large as you want, creating a financially free future - that you control. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


What distinguishes us from other schools is the dedication to our students,
we are constantly evolving and improving our student experience.



  • RESOURCES: Once you join, you will immediately have access to all the course resources like our class WhatsApp Group and Facebook Group where students get to share questions and ideas. 
  • CHAPTERS: All the class chapters are divided into sections for your convenience.
  • LIBRARY: To kickstart your career we included a library of recommended books that in our opinion should be part of everyone's lives.


  • Quizlet: Why draft your own flashcards when we already created the optimal ones to help you retain info.
  • Chapters: All the class chapters are divided into sections for your convenience.
  • Terminology: Yep, we included flashcards with that too...


  • Class Replay: Missed information while in class? We recorded some classes and made them available for your review.
  • Testing: Ever wondered how much you retained from class? We included the Chapter Quizzes!

How To Become A Broker In New Jersey 
From Start To Finish

We’re glad you’re interested in getting your NJ Real Estate Broker’s License with us!
Here’s how to get your real estate license in New Jersey.

Step #1:
Complete all 150 hours of instruction online. The full 150 hours must be completed prior to taking the school's final exam.

Step #2:
Pass your 3 real estate broker's school exams. These exams are administered by our instructors and are required to be passed by NJREC. It mimics the official test and acts as a gauge to determine your readiness. Our school tests are complementary to students. Should you require a retest, our instructors will work with you to create a plan of action to give you the best chance of success!

Step #3:
Upon successful completion of the courses, the applicant must submit a fully executed school certificate, Experience Activity Report(s) completed by the broker(s) the applicant has worked for during the last 3 years, and a $25.00 processing fee (No personal checks accepted) to the Commission for approval. If approved, a Certificate of Examination Eligibility will be issued which will allow the applicant to make a reservation to challenge the broker examination. Applicants must pass the examination and make an application for a license within one year of completing the second 30-hour course.

Step #4:
Pass the PSI Exams NJ Broker's Exam. This is the official exam and is divided into two parts for New Jersey and National topics. You must pass both of these in order to move forward in the licensing process. Currently, the cost is $47.

Step #5:
New Jersey requires that you get fingerprinted for verification of your background. This is done through IdentoGo and can be scheduled here . Currently the cost is $66.05

Step #6:
Before you “activate” your license, you must decide to either:
            A) Open your own business and become a Broker of Record or,
            B) Have a designated broker in New Jersey that will allow you to work under their brokerage. This is a New Jersey law and is commonly referred to as “hanging your license”. Simply put, all real estate broker-salespersons must work for a broker. They cannot handle transactions legally without one.

Step #7:
Finally, activate your license with the New Jersey Real Estate Commission by submitting a $160 Certified Check or Money Order written to the State Treasurer of New Jersey.

There are certain requirements to become a real estate agent. If you have any more questions on the licensing process, finding a broker to work for or anything about our school, please contact us and we’ll put an instructor in touch with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Fail The School Final Exam?
While rare, sometimes students do require additional study and testing.

At no extra cost, after failing the first attempt of the school final exam, the student will receive a custom study plan from their instructor to address weak areas. A second and final school exam will then be administered.

What Is Included In The Basic Fee?
The entire 150 hours of required state instruction, download-able eBook as well as the school final exams and (if necessary) a 2nd final exam.

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