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About Us

We Are The Alternative To New Jersey Professional Schools.

We noticed a few years ago that there was a decline in educated professionals in both the real estate and insurance industry. It appears that passing a course was the only thing that matter. We made it our goal to change the way schools educated students, we started our own New Jersey professional school for real estate, insurance, mortgage and much more... Whereby agents would have the education background to not only pass the exam, but also to succeed at real estate.
Too often, students would take pre-licensure education courses and find themselves in a huge classroom or squeezed into a small one. Surrounded by those with the same goals of success. And, all too common, those same students found it either difficult to pass the exam or that just being able to pass a test did little to ensure their success. Our goal was to partner with the industries best institutions and coordinate with educators to develop a better way to teach students.

Most importantly, we focused on small classrooms and teaching by example, combined with interactive study material. Highlighting or educator’s years of success in the real world within our curriculum. Bringing the “Why we do this” to the our school, instead of “just learn this to pass the exam.” Therefore, by presenting the reason behind many of the more complex facets of Real Estate, we enable our students to learn from our educator’s mistakes and successes.

Any student can read a book or watch a simple video and eventually pass an exam. We want students to be able to be successful agents, not just certificate holders.

Come to our school. Learn from some of the best. Learn from our collective years of wisdom and to set yourself up for a future as professional real estate, insurance or even mortgages!

– Bruno & Pedro

Bruno Quintela President, Founder
Bruno’s experience in real estate began 15 years ago as an investor flipping lease options. In his experience since, his career has taken him to every corner of the residential real estate market. Including new home sales, short sales, foreclosures, investors, 1031 exchanges and now acting as managing partner for his own brokerage, Around 2012, he decided to be well rounded and added to his portfolio of courses and licenses, Life, Health, Property and Casualty Producer License. With this, Bruno brings real world experience to our classroom and emphasizes that students must learn more than just what is required to pass the test in order to have a successful career as a professional in New Jersey. While not working, Bruno enjoys spending time with his family, helping others and constantly learning and improving himself.

Pedro Mota Vice-President, Co-Founder

With over 27+ of experience in Real Estate, Pedro brings experience in both construction and sales, Since 2009, he has been involved and focused in the Insurance industry as well and now acting as the Broker of Record for his own brokerage. As passionate fisherman, Pedro brings to the table a patient oversight of his agents as well as and education and training. His dedication to the process and to each person's success is noticeable and that makes him one of this school's most valuable assets. Pedro applies his experience to our behind the scenes operations. While not fishing or working, he spends his free time with his family and whenever possible in the Caribbean.


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